Beating the Radical

Right at their own game.

Sweetspot is a full-service political consultancy specialising in positive disruption in the UK, Europe and North America. We believe politics at the extremes is dangerous and we're fighting for radical realism. Our team of experts cover all areas of an integrated campaign, from strategy and operations to traditional comms and data-driven, micro-targeted digital ad programs.

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State-of-the-art digital campaigning techniques using advanced data modelling allow us to identify specific and often hidden groups of voters, supporters or individuals and persuade them to vote and support campaigns in a way that maximises your success.

Rapid Campaign Setup

Your campaign shouldn't have to wait. We'll get you up and running immediately. From data harnessing to grassroots campaigning our team provide a one-stop-shop, through hard won granular experience, of back office systems, people and capabilities, policies and procedures necessary to help convert all that potential quickly into a powerful campaign force.

Message, Message, Message

Messaging must be at the core of your campaign. It's at the core of how we advise you. What people say they want and how they actually behave is often quite different. We know how to tell the difference. The key is constant iterative testing that can be adapted instantly to respond to new information.

What we will do

Persuade Swing Voters

Identify target segments of swing voters in each marginal seat and define campaign themes and a tone that will appeal to them. Present several variations of each message, refining at each iteration according to live campaign feedback, to identify the most potent.

Split Your Anti-Vote

Identify issues likely to persuade segments of your current anti vote to move in a way that benefits you. For example, in the UK 2019 general election: In certain circumstances, our objective is to syphon Tory votes to the Lib Dems. In others, it is to encourage them towards the Brexit Party to reduce the Conservative vote share.

Boost Moderates

Provide a world-class digital campaigning service to moderate candidates with a reasonable chance of winning, helping to mitigate the impact of pro-Brexit campaigning in their constituencies.